Rekoil Lacrosse Mesh Kit
Rekoil Lacrosse Mesh Kit
Rekoil Lacrosse Mesh Kit
Rekoil Lacrosse Mesh Kit
Rekoil Lacrosse Mesh Kit

Rekoil Lacrosse Mesh Kit

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Rekoil -The first and only mesh with elastomeric yarns that lets your pocket react as you move! The elastic properties of the mesh give additional cushion in catching, additional depth and hold in cradling, and extra speed on shots.


  • 2 - 33" Shooting Laces
  • 2 - 36" Shockcord Shooting Cords
  • 1 - 36" Top Sidewall String
  • 2 - 32" Sidewall Strings
  • 1 - 18" Bottom Tie Off Shock Cord

Rekoil is currently only available in white.

STRUNG IMAGES By Matt Simpson / IG @955matt

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Seamus Maxwell
Weak, breaks easily (edited)

Got this mesh in early August, literally only used it for a few tryouts and practices, and i noticed a massive hole at the bottom of the pocket when i took it out of my bag one practice. I had no idea how it got there, probably happened during a practice and i didn’t notice. Seemed like great mesh in the other aspects, still very disappointed!

So they got back to me and made had a great compensation for my troubles! Very impressed with customer service. Choose mesh dynasty!

Chris Turner
Awesome Stuff

Was a little worried about pocket depth, but this stuff is great. Strung wonderfully and really nice feel.

Caleb Frey
I love this kit so much!

I have been looking for a switch in my mesh, and i wanted a little extra juice, and snap on my passes and shots. I strung it very differently than my other pockets due to the stretch, but it now works like a dream!

Something different

Super unique mesh if your looking for something different. Soft and forgiving, yet still throws with control. Not sure what I was expecting, but it definitely surpassed what I imagined. A little tricky to string the top string since it pulls back, but once you get it, the sidewalls are just as easy as normal mesh. Give it a try if you ready to try a new feeling in your cross!

Ben A. (Santa Monica)
Rekoil is such a surprise.

I ordered just to try something new. Loved the result when I strung s standard pocket. Have since tried different pockets and really enjoy the versatility. Hard to explain, but suggest anyone looking to innovate, give it a try. The limited stretch is notable and really changes things just a little but in multiple areas. Surprising to me more people are not talking about this stuff. I am knocked out by how many guys just assume their best option is to use the mesh everyone else they know is using. Cool to have a deeper pocket when cradling than when stick is still.